Testing Services

Undergraduate Placement Testing - Process


Students will be placed into English courses based on their ACT or SAT scores as listed below:

ACT 15 and lower
SAT 370 and lower

ACT 16-19
SAT 380-460

ACT 20-25
SAT 470-580

ACT 26 and higher
SAT 590 and higher

English 99

English 100

English 101

English 102

Math placement is the first step required of all new freshmen and those transfer students who have not successfully completed college-level math courses. The students ACT or SAT scores will dictate which math placement test the student is required to take.

ACT 21 or below
SAT 510 or below

ACT 22 or above
SAT 520 or above

Take Math Placement Test

Automatically placed into a college level math class (MTH 167 or lower)*

* However, if you are planning on majoring in the following fields, you will need to take the math placement exam.  Testing into the calculus series of math will save you time towards graduation:

Civil, Chemical, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering
Computer Information Science
Pharmaceutical Sciences

Foreign Language

  • Placement Testing Office also administers computerized Spanish, French and Chinese placement tests.
  • The Modern Language department can access the test results in order to place students appropriately.


  • The online math test can help place students with ACT Math scores of 21 or below or SAT Math scores 510 or below into a math class
  • Students scoring 22/520 or more on the ACT/SAT Math will automatically be placed into a college level math class.

Other Tests

  • Computerized COMPASS tests are also available for College of Business, College of Education, Chemistry, and English as a Second Language (ESL).

General Information

  • Except for math, all testing is completed in Testing Services, Rhodes Tower West, Room 215.  The math placement test is offered online for students and is accessible at any time through CampusNet.  Students are not required to be on campus to take the math placement exam.

  • Sample tests for English is here and Mathematics is here.

  • Tests are administered by appointment only. Please call 216-687-2566 to make an appointment.

  • You will need to sign in your name and CSU ID Number.

  • A Photo ID is required at sign in.

  • CSU accepts AP and PSEOP credits with a CSU advisor's approval.

  • Cell phones are not permitted in the Placement Testing area.