Energy Conservation and Management Program

Benefits of Program

  • $62.9 million savings by 2021
  • Achieves 20% energy reduction goals
  • Student engagement

CSU is in the midst of implementing a campus-wide, multi-year, cost-effective energy conservation and management program to address and improve the safety and comfort of the University community.

The program includes energy efficient lighting, solar power, mechanical upgrades and recycling, among other projects. The program will restore the quality and sustainability of the University’s asset base and support completion of new construction projects. It will also incorporate student involvement to develop educated leaders in energy conservation.

Benefits for Each Project

Ventilation Controls

  • Optimizes level of fresh air in buildings according to CO2 levels based on occupancy
  • Reduces maintenance cost by removing outdated pneumatic controls requiring calibration

Central Chilled Water Plant Upgrades

  • Increases chilled water cooling capacity by 50%
  • Increases cooling water tower capacity by 100%
  • Achieves points for LEED certification


  • Implements University established lighting standards for safety and comfort
  • Reduces energy with system-wide upgrade of efficient, long-life ballasts and lamps
  • Eliminates ongoing disposal costs of lamps with mercury content

Mechanical System Upgrades

  • Over 1,500 units of HVAC equipment evaluated
  • Improve safety and comfort of University community
  • Reduce energy and operating costs with new equipment and technology

LED and Solar Power Lighting

  • Evidence of University commitment to environmental stewardship
  • Utilizes renewable energy to provide electricity

Computer/Print/Fax/Scan Optimization

  • Reduces energy consumption, emission levels and solid waste
  • Achieves NE Ohio Collaboration and Innovation Commission recommendation to centralize the print management function

Student Housing District Heating/Chilled Water Supply

  • Extends existing infrastructure to provide lowest total life-cycle cost solution
  • Provides additional square footage

Vending Machine Control

  • Extends vending machine life while reducing energy cost


  • Increase University revenue stream for waste material

Utility Metering by Building

  • Provides utility performance monitoring system
  • Automated real-time collection and tracking of utility consumption


Construction Start Date: April 2009
Construction End Date: January 2011
Annual Performance Reports to Trustees: 2012-2021