Communications and Marketing

The work group’s strategy will be to build awareness of the Coalition’s efforts among:

  • The campus community (students, faculty, staff)
  • Potential students
  • Donors and funders
  • Alumni
  • Businesses and nonprofit partners
  • Environmental organizations
  • The northeast Ohio region
  • The nation

Efforts will be focused on educating these audiences on what sustainability is; how Cleveland State is leading the way regionally (and eventually nationally); how sustainability is a vital part of the CSU engaged learning experience; how people can become involved and contribute to its success; and how the Coalition’s efforts will benefit the region.

Tactics include creating a dynamic, user-friendly web site that details CSU’s efforts in energy, waste/recycling, building materials, food services, transportation, green space and water conservation. Curriculum and academic programs about sustainability will be highlighted. Students will share their experiences. Internships, co-ops and research projects and opportunities will be featured.