Campus Sustainability Coalition


The mission of the Campus Sustainability Coalition is to lead and support the university’s effort to develop a sustainable campus that will create value for the University ecologically, economically, and socially. This collaboration of CSU students, faculty, and administration is multidisciplinary and engaged in a commitment to campus-wide change. The goal is to create a campus that adopts principles and implements practices of ecological sustainability. Additionally, CSU will take a leading role among state supported schools in Ohio and urban schools in the United States toward campus sustainability in the areas of facilities operations, land management, academic programming, research, and engaged learning.


Cleveland State University campus will become a location where students can learn about sustainable practices and utilize these practices as an engaged learning opportunity. The CSU campus will connect to other regional colleges and universities to encourage student engagement in the development of a cohesive sustainable community. The university will reach out to partners across greater Cleveland to educate and encourage sustainable practices. The CSU campus will be a place where administration, faculty and students are engaged in research, teaching and learning to advance knowledge about urban sustainability and its practice.

Steering Committee

Wendy Kellogg, Associate Dean, College of Urban Affair
Rob Spademan, Assistant Vice President, University Marketing and Admissions
Chris Wilson, Executive Director of Facilities Operations
Domenic Bellone, Planner, University Office of the Architect
Colette Hart, Director, Outreach and Business Centers, College of Business
Constantin Draganoiu, Manager, Utilities and Energy
Ed Schmittgen, Executive Director of Capital Planning and University Architect
James Razzante, Director, CSU Dining Services