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Viking Vets - CSU Graduates . . . Veterans

Fair Winds and Following Seas is a traditional naval wish given to those departing a unit for a new assignment.  In this case we wish Fair Winds and Following Seas to veterans who graduated from Cleveland State University in 2013, many of whom wore the Red, White (& Blue) veteran stole.   Those wearing the medallion on the green and white ribbon are among the undergraduate veterans who graduated Cum Laude (with honors), Magna Cum Laude (with high honors) and Summa Cum Laude (with highest honors).  The veterans shown here represent the academic achievement of veterans attending Cleveland State University.

Ed Johnson - USCG, English

Matthew McWeeny, - Ohio Army National Guard, Health Science


Tim Luna - USA, International Relations

Brittany Carbaugh - USAF Family, Masters in Clinical Psychology


Kevin Gallagher - USA, Masters in Global Interactions

Paul Bosher - USMC, Nursing


Dominic Schur - USMC, Marketing

Rachel Welsh - USA Family, Masters in Environmental Studies


Lenny Karpinski - USA, Exercise/Fitness Specialist