Student Life

Viking Vets - Academic Assistance at CSU

Your goal is to learn, prepare yourself for your future, and graduate with a good GPA. If you are concerned that you are falling behind in a course or are aware that you need to work on your learning skills, if you think you need help say so, and if you’re not sure if you need help – you do. You worked as a team member in the service, and there is a team in place at CSU to help you to complete your current mission successfully – use the team. The Veterans Student Success Program will help you find the academic assistance that best meets your learning needs. In short, the following services are available at CSU:

  • Advising - working with your advisors and course professors, we provide academic oversight to better ensure you graduate and with a GPA that will open doors to your post-graduate life. This begins with your exploratory advisor who will help you determine the courses you need to take as a new student.
  • Counseling - Cleveland has a VA hospital, two Veterans Centers for combat vets, and several Community Based Outreach Centers for all veterans. In addition to VA counseling services, CSU counseling services are available to all students at Cleveland State University. We work with vets to ensure they receive the services they need.
  • Disability Services - whether it is for a physical disability or for problems with testing (just finding a quiet space), we will assist you with the university’s disability services.
  • Women’s Program - women who are vets may have concerns unique to them. We are located next to the office of the Women’s Program and work with them to provide the help you want.
  • Writing Center - if you haven’t written a college level paper or think you need additional help with your writing, the Writing Center is here for you.
  • Math Testing & Learning Center - math is a requirement for all degrees awarded by Cleveland State University. If you haven’t had math since high school, are math-phobic - or the highest math you’ve done in the service is counting down during a Jody Call while marching – the math testing & learning center is here for you.
  • TASC: Tutoring & Academic Success Center - TASC has subject matter experts (students) available, and they will also work with you to improve your learning/study skills.