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Our mission is to help you make the transition from warrior to college student, and we share your goal not only to graduate but to make the most of your collegiate career. Regardless of the branch in which you served, the nature of the service you saw, if you are a reservist or National Guard, if you serve or served this country we are here for you. This includes your dependents, for we believe they serve or have served as well.

The Veteran Student Support Program is staffed daily by a full time Coordinator and student employees, all of whom are veterans. In addition, a special benefit to veterans attending Cleveland State University is that it is one of the original three and now one of twenty six universities nationwide with a VA VetSuccess on Campus Counselor. Co-located and working with the VSSP, the VA Counselor can deal with all benefits questions and issues right on campus. Cleveland also has a wealth of VA facilities including a hospital, two Vet Centers and several Community Based Outreach Centers. All VA connected needs can be addressed within a short distance of the University.

As you embark on your next mission, Cleveland State will provide you with a great education and all the support you need to be successful in that mission – you. If you are planning to attend college, contact us. This website will introduce you to Cleveland State University and our program including VA assistance and Cleveland itself. Whether you are interested in attending Cleveland State University or are already a student here, you will find information of use in these web pages.

Principles of Excellence
for Educational Institutions Serving Service Members, Veterans, Spouses, and Other Family Members

Executive Order 13607, dated April 27, 2012, established 8 Principles of Excellence for educational institutions serving veterans, serving military and military family.  This is a consumer protection action intended to protect veterans with regard to the use of their education benefits/GI Bill while better ensuring academic success.  Cleveland State University is in full compliance with all 8 principles and welcomes all veterans, serving military and military family to attend the university.  More information on the Principles of Excellence and our compliance can be found at:


Cleveland State University welcomes you to your next mission – you.
You can always contact us at: