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General Fee Summary Report Spring 2013 - General Fee Advisory Committee


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General Fee expense items cost example

SECTION B: Expense Summary, etc.

1. Please summarize all General Fee expenditures for 2012-13 below:

  • Include anticipated expenses for the last month of the current semester
  • Feel free to attach additional pages and relevant supporting documentation
  • Round all figures to the nearest dollar
  • Include number of students participating and/or in attendance if applicable
    under "Students Engaged" (provide approximate number is exact figures
    are not available).
EXAMPLE - Zoinks Improv Comedy Troupe


(a) Welcome Week Comedy Show (stage & sound rentals, props,
costumes, promotions)
$895 8 student actors; 135 student attendees
(b) Student Director Salary - 1 single scholarship (2 semesters) $5,196 1 student director
(c) Student Assistant Director Salary - ½ scholarship (2
$2,598 1 student assistant
(d) Printing/Monthly Comedy Magazine - 8 issues @265/month $2,120 250 student readers based on distribution
(e) Travel/National Comedy Conference - 4 students (transportation,
lodging, registration)
$2,660 4 student attendees
(f) Springfest Comedy Show (stage & sound rentals, props,
costumes, promotions)
$1,335 10 student actors; 165 student attendees
(g) Phone Rental for CSU Student Office - 12 months @$23.70 each $284 n/a
(h) Income - ticket sales/comedy shows $657 n/a
(i) Income - Comedy Magazine advertisements $836 n/a
TOTAL/Expenses $15,088  



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