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Sign up now for Sorority Council Formal Recruitment! This is an opportunity to get a great overview of sorority life at CSU and to meet women from all five of the Sorority Council chapters: Chi Delta Epsilon, Chi Lambda Omega, Delta Omega Phi, Phi Mu, and Theta Phi Alpha. The sororities at CSU are values-based organizations that all share the ideals of scholarship, service, leadership, and sisterhood. Our sororities strive to build better women and to add to your overall college experience. Formal Recruitment Events will be held each evening during Feb 4th - 7th from approximately 7pm - 9:30pm (times vary each day). Registration is open now: The deadline to register is Friday, January 31st at 5pm. For questions or more information, please contact Jill Courson @


Fees range from $100-$300/semester or $20-$50/month covers dues, programming fees, etc.
**Initiation fees paid one time range from $45-195 covers association fee, national dues, insurance, new member education materials, badge, etc.

Gamma Delta

Gamma Delta
Founding: January 21, 2011 at Cleveland State University
Philanthropy: Smiles for Sophie Forever
Mascot: Cheetah
Stone: White Opal
Colors: Raspberry Pink, Navy Blue, and Gold
Flower: Passion Flower
Creed: "Do Better!"
GPA Requirement: 2.2

Chi Delta Epsilon

Chi Delta Epsilon
Founding: September 16, 2002 at Cleveland State University
Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Nickname: Chi Delts
Mascot and Symbol: Dove and sapphire
Colors: Blue and orange
Flower: Blue hyacinth
GPA requirement: 2.3

Theta Phi Alpha

Theta Phi Alpha
National Founding: August 30, 1912 at The University of Michigan
Founding at CSU: Alpha Xi - January 6, 1979
Philanthropy: Glenmary Home Missioners and The House that Theta Phi Alpha Built
Nickname: Theta Phi
Symbols and Mascot: Pearl, Sapphire, Compass and Penguin
Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue
GPA Requirement: 2.5

elta Omega Phi

Delta Omega Phi
Founding: January 9, 2006 at Cleveland State University
Philanthropy: New Avenues to Independence
Nickname: DOP’s
Symbols and Mascot: White Tiger, Blue Diamond, and Pearls
Colors: Lily White, Light Grey, Carolina Blue
Flower: Calla Lily
GPA Requirement: 2.0

elta Omega Phi

Chi Lambda Omega
Founding: September 17, 2008 at Cleveland State University
Nickname: Chi Lambs
Symbols and Mascot: Sun and Moon
Colors: Wine, White, and Gold
Flower: Orchid
GPA Requirement: 2.0