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Fees range from $100-$500/semester or $20-$100/month covers local and national dues, insurance, etc.

**Initiation fees paid one time range from $150-350 covers association fee, national dues, insurance, new member education materials, badge, etc.


Delta Sigma Phi
National Founding: December 12, 1899 at City College of New York
Founding at CSU: Delta Omega, May 26th, 1963
Philanthropy: The Red Cross
Nickname: Delta Sig, DSP
Mascot: The Sphinx
Colors: Nile Green and White
Flower: White Carnation
GPA Requirement: 2.0, 2.5 to hold office
National Website:


Tau Kappa Epsilon
National Founding: January 10th, 1899
Founding at CSU: Delta Epsilon, May 10th 1953
Philantrophy: St Judes & Alzheimer's Association
Nickname: TKE
Symbols and Mascot: Eagle, the pearl, triangle
Colors: Cherry red, and grey.
Flower: Red Carnation
GPA Requirements: 2.3 for incoming freshmen and 2.25 for those with college grades.


Sigma Tau Gamma
National Founding: June 28, 1920
Founding at CSU:  Beta Upsilon, December 3, 1961
Philanthropy: Special Olympics & the Fisher House
Nickname: Sig Tau & Knights
Symbols: Chain of Honor, shield
Colors: Azure Blue and White
Flower: White Rose
GPA Requirements: 2.5     


Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp)
National Founding: November 1, 1901 Richmond College, Richmond, VA

Founding at CSU: founded as Lambda Tau Delta Fraternity on January 31, 1929 (affiliated with SigEp in 1964)

Mission: Building Balanced Men

Philanthropy: Big Brothers Big Sisters

Nickname: SigEp

Colors: Purple and Red

Flower: Violets and Red Roses

GPA Requirement: 2.8

National Website:
Local Website: