Cleveland State University

Student Life

Camp Vike

Monday August 11, 2014 - Wednesday August 13. 2014

Camp Counselors

The Department of Student Life is now hiring Camp Counselors for Camp Vike!

Apply here : https ://

Applications are due Monday June 10th by 5pm.

Job Description:

Camp Vike : The Department of Student Life has created a new program for the 2013-2014 academic year called Camp Vike (CV). This program will be implemented in two phases. Phase one is Camp Vike, a camp for first-time freshman who identify as minority students at CSU. CV takes place during the summer, prior to the Fall Semester. Phase two is support for a newly established Freshman Class Council (FCC). The FCC will be a cohort of first-time freshman, comprised of students who participated in CV. Both the CV and FCC are intended to increase student success, particularly retention of first-time freshman minority students. The Department of Student Life is seeking Camp Counselors for Camp Vike. The Camp Counselors will serve as mentors to the participants in Camp Vike, helping them process their experiences through formal and informal discussions, and serve as a point of contact before, during and after camp.

Responsibilities :

· Serve as mentor to participants in Camp Vike

· Lead small group discussions and ice breakers/team builders

· Participate in all activities at Camp Vike

· Participate in training for Camp Vike

· Assist with planning activities for Camp Vike

· Enforce CSU and/or Punderson Manor rules when necessary

Terms of Employment:

· Must be available for training and planning for Camp Vike from August 7-August 16

· Must be available to stay overnight at Camp Vike from Monday August 19-Wednesday August 21, 2013


· 2.5 Cumulative GPA

· Must be a current student for the 2013-2014 academic year and in good standing with CSU


· $500 scholarship applied in the Fall of 2013. In order to receive the scholarship you must be taking a minimum of 12 credits as an undergraduate student and a minimum of 8 credits as a graduate student.