Cleveland State University

Student Life

Camp Vike

Monday August 11, 2014 - Wednesday August 13. 2014

About Camp Vike

Mission of Camp Vike:

The mission of Camp Vike is to provide incoming freshman with the necessary tools and skills to increase their connection, retention and overall success at CSU. Students will be given the opportunity to cultivate valuable relationships while learning about all of the resources available to them at CSU.

Core Objectives & Values:

  • Transition

At Camp Vike we will focus on the transition from High School to College. We strive to have students leave Camp Vike with a sense of CSU pride and feel a part of our community.  We will focus on the skills needed to be successful in college and teach students about CSU history and traditions so they can stay engaged at CSU.

  • Continuity

Camp Vike may only be a three day event, but the spirit of Camp Vike continues into the academic year through the Freshman Class Council.  We will have weekly meetings to keep students connected, as well as host socials and other activities to give counselors and campers opportunities to interact throughout the year and hopefully beyond.

  • Engagement

Engagement and involvement are the keys to success at the college level.  At CSU, our motto is Engaged Learning.  You are able to shape your future both inside and outside of the classroom through engagement with professors, real world job opportunities, research and wide variety of campus activities. Whether it is academic or hobby related, we strive to engage students to be successful.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

Regardless of your background, everyone is welcome at Camp Vike and should feel a sense of community and family at CV.  We show students what it means to be a Viking and help them express and appreciate individuality and diversity.

  • Success

Our goal is for everyone who attends Camp Vike and the Freshman Class Council to be successful at CSU and beyond.  We are committed to giving students the support they need whether that is tutoring, job opportunities, networking, health and safety information, career exploration and much more!  We expect students in CV and FCC to be committed to their success and give 100%.

Please contact Melissa Wheeler, Coordinator of Commuter Affairs and Student Center Programs for questions or more information about Camp Vike. She can be reached at: 216-523-7223 or via email at