Student Research

Spring 2014 Undergraduate Research Award Program1

The Office of Research is pleased to announce the availability of funding to support undergraduate student research and scholarship for Spring 2014. The purpose of this program is to allow undergraduate students to obtain funding to offset the costs associated with doing research undertaken in a CSU credit-bearing course during the Spring 2014 semester. There are $20,000.00 total funds available for this program, and it is anticipated that 20 proposals will be funded. Questions about the program may be addressed to
Joy Yard, 687-9364,, or Conor McLennan, 687-5171,

Terms of Award

The awarded funds must be expended by the last day of the Spring 2014 semester. Before work can begin on projects that involve the study of humans or animals, awardees must obtain approval from the Institutional Review Board or the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Questions regarding these issues should be directed to Sponsored Programs and Research Services (SPRS).

The Office of Research exercises no direction or supervision over the details of the activities to be performed, but
it does require adherence to the original objectives and purposes of the proposal.

Any publication (report, journal article, etc.) resulting from an Undergraduate Research Award must carry an
acknowledgment that the project was carried out with support from the Cleveland State University Undergraduate
Research Award Program.

All equipment purchased under the Undergraduate Research Award Program becomes the sole property of the
and, for property control purposes, is assigned to the department in which the awardee holds his or her

All awards are administered through the Office of Research. Award funds must be expended for the purposes
described in the proposal and in accordance with applicable University regulations and procedures. All award
funds remaining unspent after the period covered by the award will revert back to the Office of Research for
redistribution; no extensions will be granted.

At the end of the period during which support is provided, the student will submit a report summarizing results of
the project and accounting for expenditures to Joy Yard ( and Conor McLennan

1Previously named Graduate College and Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fund


Students may apply for up to $1,000.00. Students receiving funding through this program are eligible – and in fact encouraged – to work with a faculty member to apply for an Undergraduate Summer Research Award. A project should be a substantially independent endeavor of the student even if it is closely related to an ongoing faculty project. All forms of research, scholarship and creative activity are encouraged.

Students working on grant-funded projects may request support if they can demonstrate clearly that their research
is NOT already supported by the external funding. To be eligible, the proposed activity should be undertaken as
part of the requirements for an undergraduate Cleveland State University course for which the student receives
credit. Applicants must be CSU students with at least junior standing. They should be in good academic standing
with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or better. Students must submit completed applications and receive approval
PRIOR to expending the funds being requested.

Preparing the Application

Proposals should be written using language that may be understood by non-specialist faculty colleagues and focus
on the learning experiences of the undergraduate student(s). In order to assist in the preparation of successful
applications, the evaluation form that will be used to evaluate the proposals is provided below.

Applications must be prepared using a 10-point or larger font on 8 ½” x 11” paper with 1” margins. Handwritten
materials will not be accepted.

In addition to a completed cover page (available at the Office of Research website under Internal Funding Programs, all proposals should be a
maximum of two pages and include a description of the research project, a budget outlining how the funding
would be used, and a justification for that budget.

The deadline for Spring 2014 funding is Monday, November 25, 2013.
Applications must be submitted as a single pdf-formatted attachment to Joy Yard ( and
Conor McLennan ( by 5pm on the date of the deadline. Award decisions are expected
within five weeks of the deadline.

The proposals will be reviewed by a panel consisting of a representative from the Office of the Vice President for
Research and at least two members of the University Research Council.

Allowable expenses include: Supplies and materials or travel required for the project. Computer software and
equipment can be funded only if it can be demonstrated that it is essential to the project and cannot be obtained by
other means at CSU. Computer software and equipment purchased through an undergraduate research grant will
remain the property of the University after the project's completion.

Non-allowable expenses include: Equipment, materials paid for by fees, maintenance costs of existing equipment,
student salary, or conference fees, laptop; iPad (or any other tablet); ipod; iphone (or any other cell phone).

The Colleges will be responsible for monitoring the account for adherence to Cleveland State University’s
accounting policies and practices. Over-expenditure of the account(s) will be charged back to the College(s).

If questions arise concerning the acceptability of anticipated costs for support, they should be directed to Joy
Yard, 687-9364,, or Conor McLennan, 687-5171,

Click here for a printable PDF version of these guidelines.