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Campus recreation is more than just exercise. CSU Campus Recreation Services is dedicated to providing an inclusive and comprehensive collection of programs and services that promote health, wellness, and leisure. We encourage anyone AND everyone to participate, regardless of skill, ability, age or any other factor. We're proud of what we do and the supportive atmosphere we foster. Learn more about some of our main program areas below! Get involved - fit and fun for all!!


Nick Froelich 
Director, Campus Recreation Services

Joe Stolitza
Associate Director, Business & Finance

Michelle Rieger 
Associate Director, Programming & Operations

Mike Weaver
Assisant Director, Facilities

Melissa Albers
Assistant Director, Fitness & Aquatics

Matt Schmiedl
Assistant Director, Marketing & Advertising

Jason Mandula
Assistant Director, Member & Guest Services 

Katie Robinson
Assistant Director, Scheduling & Operations 

Lizzie Schlafer
Coordinator, Aquatics & Safety 

Rachael Stephan
Coordinator, Competitive Sports & Recreational Programs

Brian Boesch
Building Maintenanc Manager

Katie Skeens
Graduate Superviosor, Competitive Sports & Camps

Taylor Mummert
Graduate Supervisor, Fitness & Wellness 

Teddy Blythewood
Graduate Supervisor, Marketing & Technology 

Becca Hof
Office Manager