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The S. K. Wellman Foundation

The S. K. Wellman Foundation

S. K. Wellman Foundation

P.O. Box 32554

Euclid, OH 44132-0554
Telephone: (216) 261-7250

Ethel Pearson, Secretary


The S.K. Wellman Foundation is a private, independent foundation, which was incorporated in Ohio in 1951.

Areas of Funding:

Animals/wildlife, preservation/protection; Arts; Children/youth, services; Elementary/ secondary education; Environment, natural resources; General charitable giving; Government/public administration; Health care; Higher education; Human services

Geographic focus:


Geographic Limitations:

Giving primarily in Ohio

Grant Limitations:
No grants to individuals

How to Apply:

  • Application guidelines are available from the foundation as well as a Grants list
  • Application form not required
  • Initial approach: Letter
  • Board meeting date(s): July
  • Deadline(s): June 1

John M. Wilson, Jr., President

Ethel Pearson, Secretary


Franklin B. Floyd
Susanne Wellman O'Gara
Patricia Wellman Wilson

FY02 Financial data:

  • Assets, $6,326,191 (M)
  • Expenditures, $590,843
  • Total giving, $500,000 (giving activities include $500,000 for 74 grants with the being high $25,000 and the low being $1,000)
  • Qualifying distributions, $523,405