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2013 Survey Results - Research Environment (Award Set-Up & Post-Award)

2013 Survey Results

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In this section, Respondents were asked to rate the quality of the existing service.
Then, they were asked to rate the importance of that service using the scale:

  • L = Low Importance (assigned a value of 1)
  • M = Medium Importance (assigned a value of 2)
  • H = High Importance (assigned a value of 3)

Because this is not a ranking exercise, multiple items can have the same importance rating.

Question: 1. General University support for the hiring of project staff.

Average Importance

2.48 (out of 3)

Total responses = 72

Question: 2. General University support for the hiring of graduate assistants.

Average Importance

2.53 (out of 3)

Total responses = 71

Question: 3. Distribution of SPRS internal Notices of Awards (NOAs).

Average Importance

2.46 (out of 3)

Total responses = 65

Question: 4. PeopleSoft reports (e.g., Gift Report, Transaction Register Report).

Average Importance

2.65 (out of 3)

Total responses = 67

Question: 5. Financial report preparation and submission to external sponsor.

Average Importance

2.61 (out of 3)

Total responses = 65

Question: 6. Support for preparation of applications to the Institutional Review Board (IRB), Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) or other compliance-related matters.

Average Importance

2.47 (out of 3)

Total responses = 64

Question: 7. Re-budget of existing projects.

Average Importance

2.52 (out of 3)

Total responses = 66

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