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The Recovery Act Grants

The American Recovery and Reinvestment
Act (ARRA) or The Recovery Act provides researchers with many opportunities
to fund projects.  The Recovery Act (ARRA) spans the 26 funding
agencies in the federal government and also delivers funding to the
states – from where it is accessible to local governments and entities.   

The easiest way to find out what grants
are open to you, is to visit the Recovery Act page, at Grants.gov (http://www.grants.gov).   When you go to the Grants.gov
home page you will notice just to the right- hand side of the page,
a Recovery.gov information box.  Look near the bottom of the box
and click on the “Recovery Act Grant Opportunities” Button. 
Once on the grants page, you can organize the grants by one of three

  1. Deadline Date - Click on
    “Close Date” at the top of the left-hand column. 
  2. Funding Opportunity Title
    – Click on “Opportunity Title” at the top of the second hand column. 
  3. Funding Agency –Click
    on the word “Agency”, at the top of the third column.  


The Grants.gov link takes you to a
synopsis page, upon which you will find a link to the RFP.   

URLs of Interest

Updates on the ARRA  http://www.whitehouse.gov/recovery/

Ohio Recovery   http://recovery.ohio.gov/

ARRA Grant Reports  https://www.federalreporting.gov/federalreporting/home.do