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IRB-Human Subjects in Research

Members of the Institutional Review Board



Dr. Kathryn MacCluskie, Chair Ann Bauer, Ph.D.
John Jeziorowski, Ph.D., P.T., A.T.
Acting Chair
Laura Lambert, M.P.A.
Kimberly Neuendorf, Ph.D. Rongjun Sun, Ph.D.
Todd Pesek, M.D Ron Reminick, Ph.D.
Georgia Anetzberger, Ph.D. Conor McLennan, Ph.D.
Kathleen Oakar, M.Ed. Allyson Robichaud, Ph.D.
Graham Stead, Ph.D.

Barbara Bryant, Administrative Coordinator



Kathryn MacCluskie, Board Chair, is an associate
professor in the department of Counseling, Administration, Supervision,
and Adult Learning. Dr. MacCluskie received her Ed.D. from West
Virginia University and is a licensed psychologist. Her areas of
specialization include psychological assessment, individual treatment
with adolescents and adults, and issues in counselor education

-->John Jeziorowski earned his Ph.D. from the University of
Toledo. He is an associate professor of physical therapy in the
department of Health Sciences

Laura Lambert is the Director of Quality Improvement
and HIPAA Privacy Officer at the Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services
Board of Cuyahoga County. She earned her B.A. in Sociology from Case
Western Reserve University and her Masters in Public Administration
from Cleveland State University

Allyson Robichaud is an assistant professor in the
department of Philosophy. Dr. Robichaud earned her Ph.D. from City
University of New York in 1997. Her research interests include
bioethics, emotion, and moral psychology.