Sponsored Programs and Research Services

IRB-Human Subjects in Research

Policy Statement on the Integrity of Research Design

Even though a project may
qualify as “exempt” according to Federal regulations, it is the policy
of CSU
and the Sponsored Programs and Research Services, that all research
through an affiliation with CSU be determined to be a design adequate
to answer
the questions posed. The Federal regulations are clear in their
that as IRB members are considering whether a research proposal meets
guidelines for treatment of subjects, they must take into account
soundness of
research design. If a research project is structured in such a way that
project will not yield valid, usable, data that can contribute to the
body of
knowledge in the discipline, then the IRB cannot approve the project.

Responsibility for guiding
students in research design rests with the supervising faculty member.  It may seem to researchers, at times, that
the IRB creates an impediment to their attempts to carry out a research
project. We sincerely want the community
of faculty
and students at Cleveland State to fully understand the necessity of
having a
group such as the IRB to ensure safety not only for research subjects,
but also
for the researchers themselves, as well as the University. It may be
helpful for researchers to bear in
mind the numerous atrocities and misguided research projects that
abused people
and gave rise to the Belmont Report, which establishes the ethical
on which the Federal law and our additional policies are based.