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1525 Foundation

1525 Foundation

E Rhodes &
Leona B. Carpenter Foundation
c/o Joseph A. O'Connor, Jr., Morgan, Lewis & Bockius
1701 Market St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2921
Telephone: (215) 963-5212
Application address: P.O. Box 58880, Philadelphia, PA 19102-8880

The foundation was established in 1975 in Virginia for the purpose of supporting
performing arts organizations in the Richmond, VA, area; education, particularly
graduate theological educational institutions; museums (including museums associated
with colleges and universities) for purchase, restoration, and conservation
of Asian art; institutions providing education in the field of Asian art; and
organizations providing health care, particularly hospices. Funding interests
are now national and include Arts; Arts education; Education; Museums; Performing
arts; Residential/custodial care, hospices; Theological school/education. The
foundation’s geographic focus of giving is generally in areas east of the Mississippi
River. The foundation provides no assistance for private secondary education,
or large public charities. It does not give grants to individuals.

The initial approach should be a letter and there is no application form. Deadlines
are March 15 and September 15 with the board meeting in the spring and fall
Finances: (for the year ended 12/31/03 ):
Assets, $202,317,223 (M); expenditures, $10,473,791; total giving, $8,990,173
for 204 grants (high: $750,000; low: $500; average: $10,000-$50,000).

EIN: 510155772

Selected grants: The following grants were reported in 2003.
$400,000 to Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, For exhibition, Himalayas:
An Aesthetic Adventure.
$400,000 to Japan Society, New York, NY, For exhibition, Transmitting the Forms
of Divinity: Early Buddhist Art.
$300,000 to Duke University, Perkins Library, Durham, NC, For construction of
new library space.
$300,000 to Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, VA, For new graduate-level program
in Shakespeare and Renaissance.
$200,000 to Richmond Symphony, Richmond, VA, For general operating support.

$200,000 to Science Museum of Virginia, Richmond, VA, For New and Continuing
initiatives program.
$125,000 to Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA, For improvements to
storage facilities for East Asian art.
$125,000 to Virginia Opera, Richmond, VA, For performance series