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Packing Suggestions

 “Things to Bring” Checklist


£        Dishes: silverware and microwavable cups, bowls, mugs (service for one), dish soap to clean the above, can opener.


£         Vacuum and Broom: Community Desks have vacuum cleaners, but having your own is more convenient.


£         Paper towels & tissues, toilet paper, etc.


£         Back-up stock: it is helpful to stock up on items like soap, toothpaste, detergent, and other things which tend to be expensive at the nearby drug stores.


£         Personal First Aid Kit: aspirin, band-aids, cold and allergy supplies, etc.


£         Shower Curtain


£         Multiple Outlet Surge Protetor: must have UL approval.


£         Umbrella: you’ll be walking a lot.


£         Small rug: tile floors in bathroom can be cold.


£         Closet hangers and over the door hooks.


£         Linens: bed sheet sizes are...

            ● Heritage Hall- twin regular

            ● Fenn Tower- twin extra long*

            ● Euclid Commons private bedroom- full

            ● Euclid Commons shared bedroom- twin extra long*


* If you have trouble finding extra long sheets and bedding to fit the beds in our residence halls, Residence Life has partnered with Residence Hall Linens to provide parents and students with an easy, affordable option. Please visit the website located on the Residence Life home page.


£         Laundry supplies: laundry basket, detergent, and sewing kit.


£         Alarm clock: you don’t want to be late for class.


£         Cell Phone


£         Microwave (if you do not live in an apartment with a kitchen): this is the only heating element for food permitted.


£         Pots and pans (if you have a kitchen)


£         Small refrigerator (if you do not live in an apartment with a kitchen): you may want to contact your roommate to see who will bring one; you will just need one per room.


£         Stationary: stamps and envelopes are great to have in your room for convenience sake.


£         Cleaning supplies: bring your own cleaning supplies for room & bathroom.


£         Waste baskets


£         Television and Cable cords


£         Computer: your computer must have a network card (Ethernet) or wireless card in it to work with CSU’s system.


£         Pictures/Posters and Poster Mounts: To make your room feel like home.


£         Pillows, Blankets/comforter


£         Warm winter coat, boots and gloves


£         Radio


£         Movies/DVD’s: For those late night movie nights.


£         School Supplies: Pens, pencils, highlighters, notebooks, folders, paper, stapler


£         Daily Planner: To make sure you know what you have going on.









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