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General Information & Pricing

Spring 2014 Schedule
Pick up your schedule at the Customer Service desk or download here.
Pricing Single Month Semester EFT*

M/NM: $5*

M: $12 M:$30 N/A

M/NM: $5*

M: $12 M: $30 N/A

M/NM: $5*

M: $12 M: $30 N/A
Intensity(158, TRX, Tabata)

M/NM: $5*

M: $12 M: $30 N/A
All Class Pass N/A N/A M: $75 $12.50/mo*
* - all Non Members will also be subject to a $10 guest pass fee per entry

All Access Premium Class Pass
Don’t want to choose? This is the pass that gives you access to ALL your favorite Premium Classes.

Check out the All Class Pass EFT option!*
Tired of renewing your All Class Pass every semester? Now you can<br />access your favorite Premium Classes all year long with an affordable payment plan. For only $12.50 per month, you can enjoy all of our Spinning®, Mind/Body, and Dance classes every single day for a full year.
*Note: You must commit to a full calendar year at the time of purchase. The EFT price listed is per month. Classes, schedules, and prices are subject to change without notice. No refunds will be given.

     - No refunds will be issued for cancellation by participants
     - A full refund will be issued for all programs cancelled by Campus Recreation Services.
     - Please allow two weeks for the processing of all refunds
     - No transfers to other sections will be allowed
     - All refunds picked up at the Welcome Desk

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For further detailed information please contact:
Katie Scherry at

Premium Class Descriptions(Pass Required)


158 – 45 minutes
Short but intense class that focuses on functional training, core, and endurance. Formats vary by instructor, but most classes will include TR-X suspension training, kettlebells, plyo moves and more! Come see how you can take your fitness to a whole new level. **NOTE: This class requires an intermediate to expert fitness level to participate.

TRX– 45 minutes
Work on improving muscle size, muscle tone, and balance while strengthening your core with the TRX! This 45 minute class uses the TRX suspension training to give you an intense total body workout using only your body weight. There are only limited spaces available per class so get here early to secure your spot! This class requires an intermediate to ,expert fitness level to participate.

TABATA– 30 minutes
This class combines an extended warm-up and ample cool-down with 4 minutes of intense interval training that involves 20 second intervals of all-out intensity followed with 10 seconds rest. This 30 minute workout will get you in and on your way before you know it!


Cyling - 45 and 60 minutes
One of the hottest classes in the industry right now! These non-impact, calorieblasting classes continue to be our most popular ones every year. We offer 45 and 60 minute rides each week that are set to upbeat, funky music designed to push you to excel.

Cycle/Sculpt– 75 minutes
Get the best of both worlds! Train both cardio and strength within this extended class, with a 45 minute ride to get your heart rate pumping, followed by a 30 minute strength training segment.


Yoga – 45 or 60 minutes
From beginner to advanced, this class will help participants process in their current yoga practice. Some experienced recommended but not required. All levels are welcome!

Pilates – 45 or 60 minutes
Engage the mind and condition the body with a blend of strength and flexibility training that improves posture, reduces stress and creates long, lean muscles.


Zumba® – 60 minutes
Join the party with this fun class that uses simple Latin-inspired dance steps to work your core and tone your body...all while having a blast!

Hip Hop Hustle® – 45 minutes
It's time to show off your swagger! Burn up the dance floor while your burn some serious calories! We break down the hottest hip hop moves to the freshest beats so they're easy to follow, but hard to forgot! So much fun, it'll feel more like a night out on the town than a worktout!

Interested in working at the Recreation Center as a Group Fitness Instructor? Click here to see if we are hiring.

The following are organizations and certifications that will be considered for Cleveland State University group fitness instructors:

  • American College of Sports Medicine ( - Health Fitness Specialist
  • American Council on Exercise ( - Certified Group Exercise Instructor
  • Aerobics and Fitness Association of America ( – Primary Group Fitness Instructor
  • Other certifications considered upon approval.