Cleveland State University

Iron Woman



Program Overview

This program will teach women members how to properly use equipment, complete exercises that are effective and safe, and create their own fitness program. Instructional program members will have access to all workouts, exercises, tips, and motivation they need through a shared Google website. With proper education and motivation, the women will be able to manage their own workouts in confidence after six weeks.


1. Learn how to properly use equipment and complete exercises safely and effectively.
    Taught exercises in every mode available at the Rec. (Indicated in program format below.)
    Lose the feeling of being watched or judged because they are not familiar with something new or intimidated
     because "girls do not lift".
2. Learn how to plan their own workouts that have variety and focus on their own personal goals.
    Every exercise and workout is posted on the website. The last week of the program will focus on meeting with
     participants to discuss their designed work out plans.
    Successful workouts will create confidence from the knowledge gained through the duration of the program.
3. Promote a healthy lifestyle.
    Participants will be given all the tools and references they need to successfully work towards their personal fitness
      goals without feeling uncomfortable working out at the Recreation Center.
    Confidence and variety will be an influence in the participants continuing workouts and attending new group
      fitness classes once the program is complete.


The class will only be available to female members of the Recreation Center. Primary participants for the program will be members that are not familiar with the equipment, fitness goals, or exercising in general.


Class will meet twice a week for 6 weeks, beginning the week of January 27h and completing by March 5th. The class will be 60 minutes and will meet on Monday and Wednesdays from 8:00 am 9:00 am. A review workout will be provided for a third day on the Google website. This will also include exercises completed during the Monday/Wednesday class.

6 Week Format

Week 1: Cardio Row
   - Educating participants on how to properly use the machines and cardio equipment.
Week 2: Total Body Room
   - Educating participants on how to properly use plate loaded machines and equipment.
Week 3: Weight Room
   - Educating participants on how to properly use free weights.
Week 4: Body weight, Resistance Bands, Physioballs
Week 5: Synergy
   - Educating participants on Plyometrics and TRX exercises
Week 6: Combining different modes into one program
   - Meet with individuals to go over their designed plan)

M: $70 NM: $85

Click here to download the Iron Woman packet.