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PLEASE NOTE: Swim School registration ends three (3) days prior to the start date of each session.

We don't just teach you how to swim. We teach you how to swim properly! The CSU Swim School provides swimming instruction in a group environment with a low student to instructor ratio. Our goal is to promote water safety while teaching proper stroke technique for all ages. Our experienced swim instructors follow specific lesson plans designed to focus on the fundamentals; then they break down complicated skills into simple movements. Class levels are based on age and ability. Class descriptions and detailed schedules for Spring and Summer sessions are available at the Customer Service Desk.

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Starbabies (walking to 5 years)
Young children will develop a high comfort level in the water with a trusted adult. Parents and caregivers will learn how to help children develop their swimming skills along with training in water safety and drowning prevention. One adult per child must attend each class and participate in the water.

Starfish Preschool (age 3 to 5)

Children ages 3 to 5 yrs will continue to develop their comfort level in the water and work towards development of five core competencies. Color stage awards will be recognized as they are accomplihsed. These color stages will be used to divide the student into ability groups. (Equivalent to Preschool 1,2,3). Age requirements are enforced. **Participation in StarBabies or equivalent program is highly recommended before enrollment in this course.

Starfish Stroke School (age 6 and over)
Students who have completed all 5 color stages of the Starfish Swim School will advance to this program. They will learn stroke techniques for freestyle, backstroke, buttefly, breaststroke, starts and turns. Student's competiency in each stroke will be acknowledged as they achieve each color stage. (Equivalent to the American Red Cross Level 4 and Level 5)

Starfish Swim School (age 6 and over)

Children will be placed into groups based on age and ability. Each gropup will work towards development and improvement of the five core swimming competencies. Color stage achievements will be recognized as they are accomplished. (Equivalent to the American Red Cross Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3)

Starfish Swim Team Training (age 6 and over)

This course is for students 6 years of age and over who have completed all 5 stages of Starfish Stroke School. As a developmental program, this level is designed to transition students from swim lessons to a competitive swim team program. The focus will be on developing endurance and improving stroke technique and efficiency. Age requirements are enforced.

Adult Beginner/Adv Beg
Beginner swimmers will overcome fear of water and become comfortable with submersion, floating, and forward movement. Advanced beginners will begin sgtroke development using the Starfish swimming techniques.

Adult Intermediate/Adv Swimmer
The intermediate level is for adults who are ready to develop their freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Advanced swimmers will work on butterlfy. Turns, efficiency, technique, and endurance.

NOTE: If student is not able to perform skills for the previous level on the first day of class they will be moved to a more appropriate level which may be held at a different time. If you have questions on which level to sign up for Michelle Rieger at 216.802.3258 or email at



  • Registration can occur in person at the Main Welcome Desk in Recreation Center or online.
  • No refunds for cancellation by participants.
  • Full refunds for any programs canceled by Campus Recreation Services.
  • Swim School registration ends three (3) days prior to the start date of each session