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Let our expert personal trainers work with you to create a customized workout plan. With a variety of training packages, you can customize your own personal training experience to fit your budget. Start the new semester off right by getting help with your strength training or weight-loss goals from the professionals.

Stacie Nagirnyak
Karim Kheniser
Dewayne Eason
James Kopniske
Katie Scherry
Angie Kirila
Shannon Stiles
Seamus Gowan

Not accepting new clients

Travis Lombardozzi
Sean Grasso

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  Level 1 Level 2
  Member Non-Member Member Non-Member
Fitness Assessment*        
1 session $30 $45 $45 $65
Body Composition        
30 Minute Session $10 $15 $10 $15
Individual Training Member Non-Member Member Non-Member
1 session $30 $45 $45 $60
5 sessions $145 $220 $220 $295
10 sessions $280 $430 $430 $550
20 sessions $540 $840 $840 $1,000

For more information including a printable download: Full Personal Training Sheet

Personal Trainer Level 1
Certified trainer with knowledge and experience in designing programs for a variety of goals, ranging from
weight loss to sport specific training. Perfect for our healthy clients who desire some professional motivation to
keep moving.

Personal Trainer Level 2
Certified trainer with an advanced level of experience, education, and training. They have the expertise to assist clients in addressing chronic diseases*, complex fitness goals, and advanced limitations during exercise.
*Please note that our Level 2 trainers cannot diagnose or treat any medical conditions.

Client Registration
  • All services must be purchased in advance. Sessions are scheduled for one hour. Hour sessions cannot be split into two 30-minute sessions.
  • A questionnaire packet will be provided to the client after payment has been made. The following forms will be included in the packet: Assumption of Risk, Medical Release Authorization, Fitness Assessment Questionnaire, Health and Fitness Goals, and Health Status Questionnaire.
  • The Personal Trainer will contact the client to schedule a Fitness Assessment or obtain a medical Clearance Request Form.
  • A Client Tracking Form and Audit Form will be used by the Personal Trainer to document client progress.

  • The Personal Trainer will schedule a Fitness Assessment. Individual training sessions will be scheduled with the Personal Trainer at the conclusion of each session.
  • All cancellations must occur 24 hours in advance. The client must call the Personal Trainer directly to cancel an appointment. The session fee will be assessed if the client does not come to their appointment or for any appointment not canceled 24 hours prior.
  • If the University closes for inclement weather, all appointments will be canceled. All session fees will be credited.

Policies and Procedures

Get more from your workout, know your baseline. Click here to see our fitness assessment options.

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The following are organizations and certifications that will be considered for Cleveland State University personal trainers:

  • American College of Sports Medicine ( - Certified Personal Trainer
  • American Council on Exercise ( - Certified Personal Trainer
  • National Strength & Conditioning Association ( – Certified Personal Trainer
  • American College of Sports Medicine ( - Health Fitness Specialist
  • National Strength & Conditioning Association ( – Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • National Academy of Sport Medicine –Certified Personal Trainer