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Eating well is not always easy.

Carrie Gonzales

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Take the guesswork out of choosing a healthy eating plan by talking with our Registered Dietitian. These personal one-on-one sessions can give you the insight you need to start feeling energized by implementing a balanced diet in your everyday life! Stop by the Customer Service Desk or contact us about how you can set up your nutrition counseling sessions today.


Nutrition Counseling*  
Initial Session M: $60
NM: $75
3 Session Follow-up Package M: $50
NM: $75
Follow-up Session M: $20
NM: $35

*The initial Session is 60 minutes and each follow up session is 30 minutes.

Benefits of Nutrition:

-Develop a personalized nutrition plan
-Assess the adequacy of your diet
-Learn how to use diet to help prevent or treat chronic disease
-Weight management
-Learn how to eat healthy on the run and while eating out
-Effective grocery store shopping
-What to buy and what to avoid

Benefits of Combined Fitness and Nutrition Programs:

-Maintain lean body mass while losing weight
-Build muscle
-Burn fat
-Improved athletic performance
-Aids in the prevention of osteoporosis and heart disease
-Maintain a healthy metabolism
-Maximize workouts
-Increase energy levels

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For more information contact Kim Rottet: 216-802-3256 or Carrie Gonzales at