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Cleveland State University Campus Recreation Services offers a first-class recreation facility to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members. A membership gives you more than just access - we have a huge variety of equipment, classes and programming, and our prices are better than most gyms in the area. For more information, stop by our Pro Shop upon entrance to the facility and speak with one of our Membership Services Representatives.

Please Note:
10/21/16: There will be no permit parking on Friday, October 21st in East Garage for the Career Fair. The garage will reopen mid-afternoon based on availability.

The following classes have been cancelled for the remainder of the semester due to low participation:
Monday: 4p.m. TurboKick
Monday: 6:15p.m. Zumba Toning
Wednesday: 4p.m. TurboKick
Wednesday: 5p.m. Zumba

The pool will be closed Sunday, October 16th and Saturday, October 29th for a swim meet.

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An Important Message from CSU Campus Recreation Services

To our valued CSU Recreation Center Members,

As a member of the CSU Recreation Center, we appreciate the time and participation you put into utilizing all the amenities and services we have to offer. Over the past 10 years we have worked hard to provide high-quality programs and services, and staying cutting-edge with the latest equipment and trends. It is important for us to continue the development of our recreation center to deliver the best possible experience for you each and every time you visit our facility.

We know being a member of our facility is a financial commitment. And so Campus Recreation Services, in turn, has remained dedicated to building new value for our members as we have in the past while remaining extremely competitive to other area facilities:

  • FREE access to all group fitness classes
  • Reduced pricing on programs and services
  • A robust Member Appreciation program that includes semesterly appreciation days featuring FREE facility access, prizes and discounts, birthday coupons, and members-only advantages and perks.
  • A comprehensive rewards programs via CSU RecRewards that awards points to members for utilizing our facility, programs and services. Those points can then be redeemed for unique prizes and gifts.
  • Providing you the best high-caliber programs like Pink Gloves Boxing and Learn to Swim
  • Access to the latest, cutting-edge facilities and equipment, as well as the Busbey Natatorium

In order to support the ongoing vision of continued excellence and innovative programming, it has become necessary to increase rates for our memberships, lockers and towels effective July 1, 2016. This will be the first time rates have increased since we opened 10 years ago in 2006.

Because we appreciate the dedication you have shown us over the years, it is important to us to notify you of these changes well in advance of them taking effect. Below you will find the new rates.

Alumni Membership: $40.25/mo.
Community Membership: $46/mo.
Community Non-Prime Membership: $31/mo.
Faculty/Staff Membership: $30/mo.
Faculty/Staff Non-Prime Membership: $20.50/mo.
Sponsored Membership: $40.25/mo.
Locker Rental: $10/mo. (includes towel service)
Towel Service: $8.50/mo. (if purchased without locker rental)

Thank you for your patience and continued support of CSU Campus Recreation Services. We look forward to continuing our relationship and providing you with an exemplary customer experience.

5 Punch Pass & Guest Pass

Whether you want to work out alone or with a friend, we have passes that can accomodate your preferences!
5 Punch & Guest Pass: Rates & Regulations

Alumni/Sponsored Membership

Alumni and sponsored individuals of Cleveland State University are also eligible for discounted membership rates at the Recreation Center. Find out more with the link below.
Alumni/Sponsored Membership: Rates & Regulations

Community Membership

Cleveland State University is proud to be one of the few campus recreation facilities in the country to offer memberships to the surrounding communities and Cleveland metropolitan areas and suburbs. The city is our campus, too! So we invite and encourange our friends and neighbors to join us at the Rec Center!
Community: Rates & Regulations

Faculty/Staff Membership

Whether you're full-time, part-time, adjunct faculty/staff, a business partner, or a university retiree of Cleveland State, you are eligible for discounted membership rates.
Faculty/Staff: Rates & Regulations

Student/Off-Semester Student Membership

Hey CSU students - one credit gets you in! Students enrolled in one academic credit hour and paying the general fee in their tuition statement are eligible to use the Recreation Center. For more details on student membership options, Check out the link below!
Student/Off-Semester Student: Rates & Regulations


Lockers & Towels

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