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Our Curriculum: The Creative Curriculum
A curriculum is like a roadmap; it helps you get where you want to go. A comprehensive, developmentally appropriate curriculum, like "The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, & Twos", includes goals and objectives for children's learning in all areas of development: social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language. Just as a roadmap gives you choices about what routes to take, "The Creative Curriculum" offers choices and encourages flexibility. It helps us to have flexibility to respond to the changing interests and abilities of toddlers.

Our Assessment Practices: The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, & Twos Developmental Continuum
is a powerful tool for observing children, documenting their growth skills, and individualizing our approach. Using ongoing assessment to decide how to respond to each child and to plan appropriate experiences enables us to care for and teach children well.

The Creative Curriculum Goals and Objectives for Toddlers::

  • To Learn About Self and Others:
    Through this goal, caregivers work to develop a trusting and secure bond with each child. As they grow, teachers help each toddler begin to manage feelings using words. Toddlers also begin to understand how to play cooperatively with others, develop independence, and respond appropriately to others needs.
  • To Learn About Moving:
    Through this goal, caregivers work with toddlers to help them continue to develop small and large motor skills, such as beginning cutting, drawing, climbing, running, balancing, catching, and picking up objects.
  • To Learn About the World:
    Through this goal, caregivers work with toddlers to sustain attention on objects in their world by creating interest areas with a variety of toys (blocks, dolls, books, manipulatives, etc). They will begin to understand that they are able to cause different things to happen (“if I dump this sand out…”). They will begin to engage in pretend play (pretending to “call Mommy” at work, “setting the table” for dinner,” etc.
  • To Learn About Communicating:
    Through this goal, toddlers will begin to develop language and participate in simple conversations. As they develop, toddlers will begin experimenting with writing and drawing, at times communicating what they have “made.” They begin to show an increased interest in looking at and having books read to them.
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