Design a Life

Panel Descriptions

Panel 1: Incorporating creative activities in in-patient settings
Karen Burns, Recreation Therapist, Euclid Hospital
Tamara Shella, Art Therapist, Lutheran Hospital
Barbara Greenwood, Art Therapist, Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital

Moderator:  Karen Burns

How can you provide these experiences within the various guidelines and requirements for goal-setting and therapy? How can you deal with reimbursement issues?

Panel 2: Incorporating creative activities in community settings
Karen Kennedy, Manager of Wellness Programs,  Holden Arboretum
Susan Bazyk, Associate Professor, Health Sciences Cleveland State University
Jan Bohinc, ACSW, Smart Living at Home Director, Judson at University Circle

Moderator: Susan Bazyk

How should these programs be designed? How can they be funded? What makes them appealing and effective?

Panel 3: Artists Promoting Wellness
Debbie Vail, Artist
Ann Vandevelde, Artist
Mary Ann Breisch, Director of Academic Affairs and Fine Arts, the Ratner School

Moderator: Karen Peterson, Art Therapy Studio

How have you incorporated the idea of “wellness” into your art activities with others?  What programs have you led, who were the participants, and how did art support their wellness?  What are your beliefs about the power of art to heal or keep people healthy?

Consumer Panel: People who have used creative activities to help
Ruth Myers, Art Therapy Studio
Claire Marsh, Judson
Andrea Taylor, Cuyahoga County Mental Health Board

Moderator: Jan Bohinc, LISW, ACSW

Tell us a little about yourself. What kinds of creative activities do you do? How did you get started? How has it helped you to do these kinds of activities?  Bring samples of your art and describe what it means to you.

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