Equity in the Legal Profession Panelists (Thu, 4-6):

Barbara Danforth - Moderator
DaDarlene Evans McCoy
Hugh McKay
Porter Wright
Robin Minter Smyers
Thompson Hine


8:30-9:15 am Opening Remarks - Provost Mary Jane Saunders, PhD
Key Note Address - Herbert C. Smith, PhD  "Remaking America"
12:30-2:00pm Luncheon Speaker - Raj Javalgi, PhD "Entrepreneurship and Global Competitiveness: Fostering Regional Economic Growth"


  9:15 am-10:45 am 11:00-12:30 pm 2:00-3:30 pm 3:45 - 5:15 pm
Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4

Healthcare Track

Minority Recruitment & Retention: A Nursing School Success Story - J. CLOCHESY New Careers in Nursing Scholarship Program: Building Diversity in Nursing Leadership - V. DEWITTY Evaluation of a cultural awareness program - the final results of  a longitudinal study - C. DELGADO, L. WOLF, M. YATES Lessons Learned from the Community Health Initiative Project Implemented in Cleveland's Ward One - M. SMITH
Medical Decisions and Culture: Understanding Diversity Regarding End-of-Life Care - S. LONG Depression among nursing students in Taiwan, Thailand and the US - R. ROSS    

Civic Engagement Track

Developing Skills for the I-Thou Relationship P. - BELZUNCE, L. GUTIERREZ Deliberate Diversity:  a four-step process for teaching diversity skills in a faith setting - S. SEYFARTH GARNER Community Based Participatory Research and Appreciative Inquiry Affecting Positive Social Change in an Inner City Cleveland Neighborhood - P. WHITT, C. CARTEN Addressing Harassment, Bullying & Mobbing in the Workplace: Shaping Organizational Behaviors by Fundamental Design - L. KOENIG, M. SERMERSHEIM


Rethinking Inclusion: A New Model for Organizational Inclusion - G. JORDAN The Gestalt of Inclusion: From Theory to Practice - B. CROSS Making Friends with the Lone Ranger:  A conversation about the many paradoxes diversity professionals live - K. CARLSON Language and Interracial Communication in the US: Speaking in Black and White - G. RAY
A New Approach to Integrating Disability into Diversity Training - S. POWELL Generations in the Workplace/ How Generations See Diversity Differently - J. CLOCHESY Afrocentric Psychology:   The Importance of Understanding African-Americans from and African Cosmology - P. MICKENS-ENGLISH Balancing Mission with Margin: Developing Communities from a Business Perspective - P. PARISH, M. GRIFFEN
Cross-cultural comparisons of reliance on laws and business contracts, basic Chinese social mechanisms and governmental influence in doing business among U.S., China, and Taiwan - CC BOWEN Inclusive Policies and Procedures: Building a Healthy Foundation for Successful Recruitment and Retention - A. SHAFFER

Cultural Dimensions of Sexual Orientation and Sexual Health - S. BANIK

Deconstructing Diversity in the Academy: The Subtext of Inclusion - M. MOBLEY

Working Against the Grain: White Privilege and Human Resource Development - C. MONAGHAN
Cultural Competence:  Capitalizing on the Strengths of Different Cultures in a Multicultural Society - D. GURSAHANEY Practical applications of research on racial attitudes in the workplace - B. JOHNSON Records Retention in the Age of Face Book - M. SERMERSHEIM PANEL DISCUSSION - Minority Recruitment & Retention - J. CLOCHESY, C. DELGADO, J. GENEVA


Presenters (by last name):

Swagata Banik, PhD.

Phil Belzunce, PhD & Lalei Gutierrez, PhD.

Chieh-Chen Bowen, Ph.D.

Kirste Carlson, MA

John Clochesy, PhD, CDP

John Clochesy, PhD, CDP

Barry Cross, Jr.

Cheryl Delgado, PhD & Melodie Yates, PhD.

Vernell DeWitty, PhD.

Rev. Sharon Seyfarth Garner

Devyani Gursahaney

Raj Javalgi, PhD.

Brenda K. Johnson, PhD.

C. Greer Jordan, PhD.

Linda A. Koenig & Michael D. Sermersheim

Susan Orpett Long, PhD.

Eric Lutzo, MBA & Drew Small

Paula Mickens-English, PhD.

Marilyn Mobley, Ph.D.

Catherine H. Monaghan

Poppie Parish, MA & Michael B. Griffen

Susan Powell, PhD.

George Ray, PhD.

Ratchneewan Ross, PhD & Linda Wolf, PhD.

Amanda Shaffer

Michael D. Sermersheim

Herb Smith, PhD.

Mieko Smith, PhD. &Yvonka Hall

Peter Whitt & Carla Carten, PhD.