Program Requirements

The Clinical specialization involves two academic years of full-time coursework and supervised clinical experiences for both the practitioner and doctoral preparation tracks. During the first year, all students acquire basic skills in assessment and diagnosis, clinical interviewing, psychopathology, individual psychotherapy, and research methods and statistics. Doctoral preparation students are required to identify a thesis advisor and thesis topic by the end of their first year in the program. 

During the second year, both practitioner and doctoral preparation students are required to take courses in personality testing and legal/ethical issues in clinical psychology and complete a supervised, 450-clock hour training experience in a clinical setting, such as hospitals, private practice clinics, residential treatment centers, or forensic settings. During the second year, doctoral preparation students complete their thesis project.

In lieu of a thesis, students in the practitioner track take additional coursework in a variety of areas that they may find useful in their expected employment, e.g., multicultural psychology, child and adolescent assessment, crisis management, family and systems intervention, and forensic psychology.