Program Requirements

The School Psychology Program curriculum includes a total of 53-54 semester credit hours of coursework for the Master of Arts degree, and 30 semester credit hours for the post-Master's Psychology Specialist (Psy.S., post-M.A.) degree.

The first two years of study in the M.A. program phase provides intensive preparation in psychological foundations (e.g., child development, social psychology, research design) and in assessment methods (e.g., interviewing, observation, testing).

The second year of study includes a year-long, intensive (15 clock hours per week) field practicum to which students are assigned at the close of their first year of study. The third-year Psy.S. phase focuses on functional assessment of academic problems (with an emphasis on reading), problem-solving consultation, the role and function of the School Psychologist, and legal and ethical issues, as well as a series of seminars offered during the internship year to address issues of timely significance.

The Psy.S. degree is awarded upon successful completion of the internship and related coursework.The program of study comprises a "lockstep" sequence in which students are admitted and enroll in classes as members of an annual cohort. This provision allows students to develop interpersonal and collegial relationships supportive of their academic and professional development, and to complete requirements in a coherent sequence in which experiences build on skills and competencies learned earlier in the program.The program does not presently offer an option for part-time study.

Course of Study

Year One (Fall and Spring Terms)
PSY 550 4 Child & Adolescent Development and Disorders
PSY 536 4 Behavioral Assessment
PSY 538 4 Intellectual Assessment and Practicum
PSY 525 4 Social Psychology
PSY 537 4 Child & Adolescent Assessment and Intervention
PSY 670 2 Crisis Management
PSY 564 4 Psychoeducational Intervention

Year Two (Fall, Spring, and Summer Terms)
PSY 511 4 Univariate Statistics and Experimental Methodology
PSY 672 4 Multicultural Psychology and Diversity
PSY 690 4 Field Placement I
3-4 Credit hours of elective courses
PSY 651 4 Psychopharmacology
PSY 691 4 Field Placement II
PSY 572 2 Group Interventions
PSY 513 2 Measurement and Program Evaluation

Award of Master of Arts (M.A.) Degree: 53-54 semester credit hours

PSY 725 2 Role and Function of the School Psychologist I
PSY 726 2 Role and Function of the School Psychologist II
PSY 694 2 Directed Observation in Schools
PSY 767 2 Special Topics in School Psych: Applications of the Law in School Psychology
PSY 767 2 Special Topics in School Psych: Reading Problems
PSY 767 2 Special Topics in School Psych: Process Issues in Consultation
PSY 767 2 Special Topics in School Psych: Internship Orientation

Year Three (Fall and Spring Semesters)

PSY 790 6 Supervised Experience in School Psychology I
PSY 795 2 Internship Seminar I
PSY 796 2 Internship Seminar II
PSY 791 6 Supervised Experience in School Psychology II

Award of Psychology Specialist (Psy.S.) Degree: 30 semester credit hours

For descriptions of course content, see the
Cleveland State University Graduate Catalog