Partner Organizations

  • American Psychological Association – a wonderful resource for staying current in the field and for finding careers.

  • Careers information – for information on careers in diversity and psychology.

  • Commission on Economic Inclusion – a broad-based coalition of more than 100 Northeast Ohio employers who are committed to making the region’s diversity a source of economic strength.

  • Diversity Center – formerly the NCCJ, the Diversity Center has been a community partner of the DMP for many years.

  • The Diversity Collegium – a think tank of diversity professionals based in the United States, Canada, UK and South Africa whose purpose is to advance the field of diversity.

  • Diversity Factor – an online journal for diversity practitioners, published by Elsie Y. Cross and Associates.

  • DiversityInc – a leading online and print journal on diversity issues.

  • Diversity Matters - download weekly podcasts on all topics related to diversity.

  • Facing History and Ourselves

  • Gestalt Institute of Cleveland - The DMP has had a long professional relationship with the Institute, which offers many workshops and professional development programs that support our graduates’ continued growth. One of them— the newly revamped Becoming an Effective Organizational Intervener, is a natural next step for DMP grads.

  • The International Society of Diversity and Inclusion Professionals

  • NTL National Training Laboratories was our partner in the creation of DMP a decade ago. NTL was founded in 1947 and has long provided human development education.

  • Ohio Diversity Officers Collaboration

  • Organization Development ConnectionThe Cleveland chapter of Organizational Development Network.

  • PLEXUS – the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce for the LGBT community.

  • Policy Bridge - Policy Bridge is a 501c (3) non-partisan public policy think tank based in Northeast Ohio with a legislative office in Washington DC. Our mission is to create high quality discourse addressing public policy issues, which enlighten and energize fellow citizens prompting them to take action.

  • The Situationist –  this site shares the latest in social psychology research, much of which has direct diversity applications. Keep your knowledge base "razor" sharp with frequent visits to this site!

  • World Diversity Leadership Symposium – DMP Director Lisa Gaynier presented at this annual conference in 2007, which was co-hosted by the United Nation’s Global Compact.