Mission / Vision Statement

Mission Statement

The Consumer/Industrial-Organizational Research Program offers to provide graduate level training to students who are interested in I-O psychology or consumer behavior research. Our program is structured to provide students with a background in contemporary psychological theories, and is designed to equip students with the analytic tools necessary for effective problem solving in applied settings and the development of innovative research.

The Consumer/Industrial-Organizational Research Program at CSU uniquely integrates central concepts and principles from a variety of related disciplines to establish a broad foundation of knowledge and skills that allows students to thrive in a wide array of careers. A continuous goal of the faculty is to maintain a reputable and respectable program that trains students to be adaptive and creative thinkers in both classroom and work settings. As our program continues to strengthen and evolve, we hope to serve as a model for effective interdisciplinary training and collaborations.

Vision Statement
The Consumer/Industrial-Organizational Research Program will be recognized for its unique blend of practical training and cutting-edge research in both the Industrial and Organizational arenas. As such, it will generate quality knowledge as well as highly skilled practitioners to improve organizations' functioning and employees' well-being.