Experimental Research M.A. Program


Our two-year graduate program in Experimental Research awards a Masters of Arts degree. This program provides students with a solid foundation in scientific research, through a combination of mentored laboratory experience and complementary coursework. There are six core faculty members in the program, providing the opportunity to gain expertise in cognitive, social, and/or neuroscientific approaches to experimental psychological research. Training will culminate in the proposal and defense of a thesis research project, with the goal of publishing results. Our program leaves graduates strongly prepared for further doctoral training and/or careers in academia, biomedical research, business, or clinical practice (see Alumni section for testimonials).



  • Rigorous scientific research training program
  • Hands on laboratory experience with direct mentoring from one of our core faculty members
  • Coursework in statistics and methodology is structured to augment research training
  • Affordable tuition with remittances available
  • Travel funds available for presentation at scientific conferences
  • Focus on professional development, preparing students for future applications to doctoral programs and/or careers in academia or health sciences

Experimental Students and Faculty

Current Experimental Research program faculty and students

ERP students presenting at conferences

ERP students presenting at conferences (with Dr. McLennan)

ERP students presenting at conferences