ERP Mission / Vision Statement

Mission Statement

The objectives of the Experimental Research Program are to train students to use the experimental method to explore the underlying psychological processes that guide behavior and govern mental life, and to build skills, knowledge, and abilities in the following areas:

  • basic and applied research
  • research design
  • statistical analysis
  • substantive areas of psychological research

Completion of the Experimental Research Program should help prepare students to:

  • become experts in a given domain
  • make substantive contributions to the field of psychology as well as related disciplines
  • become competitive applicants for careers in basic and applied research settings or for advanced graduate training in Ph.D. programs 

Vision Statement

The Experimental Research Program will be recognized for its high quality training and cutting-edge research in a variety of areas of basic and applied research. Consequently, it will advance knowledge in a number of fields, train researchers, and prepare students for Ph.D. programs.