Pre-Professional Health Programs

Suggested Timeline for Pre-Pharmacy Students

Below is a suggested timeline for students pursuing Pre-Pharmacy at Cleveland State.

Year One:

  • Begin coursework
  • Begin obtaining hands-on experience in the pharmacy/health care field
  • Get acquainted with relevant student organizations and activities
  • Get acquainted with faculty and their research interests
  • Meet with your academic and pre-professional advisors

 Year Two:

  • Continue coursework, utilizing tutoring and other support services as necessary
  • Begin learning about and preparing for the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT)
  • Begin networking with pharmacists/professionals in the health care field and faculty for letters of recommendation
  • Visit NEOMED’s campus, either through an Open House or an individually-scheduled visit
  • Begin your application to NEOMED through PharmCAS (see Applying to NEOMED for more details)
  • Meet with your academic and pre-professional advisors

How to Spend Your Summer Vacation
There are numerous ways to spend your summers during your pre-professional studies.  It is highly recommended that you get involved in paid or volunteer experiences that relate to your chosen field.  By doing so you learn more about yourself, which will help you clarify your career goals.  Those with whom you interact in the experience can support your career development.  And the experience demonstrates to professional schools that you are focused, engaged and invested in your professional aspirations.

Another valuable way to spend your summer is to enroll in a summer enrichment program.  These programs, usually offered by colleges and universities, vary in cost, length, location and focus.  Visit AAMC’s Enrichment Programs and Summer Undergraduate Research Programs to learn more.  Many programs offer scholarships.  One highly acclaimed program, the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP) is free.  Its goal is to help freshman and sophomore college students representing a wide range of cultural, racial and ethnically diverse backgrounds get into professional school.  It is implemented at 12 program sites across the nation.

Big summer plans start in the fall and winter, see Summer Service, Enrichment and Research for programs of interest.

Year Three:

  • Schedule and complete the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT)
  • Obtain/submit final letters of recommendation
  • Open application to NEOMED through PharmCAS in the summer (see Applying to NEOMED for more details)
  • Continue hands-on experiences and extracurricular activities
  • Finish required coursework
  • Polish up your interviewing and writing skills
  • Meet with your academic and pre-professional advisors

Other helpful hints:

  • Take a chemistry course each semester of enrollment in order to complete the coursework in a timely manner. The sequence of Pre-Pharmacy coursework requires three different levels of chemistry, and they must be taken in order.  See the Sample Course Sequences for more details.
  • Plan to complete all required course work by at least May/June of the year that you anticipate beginning the PharmD program.  For example, if you plan to begin the PharmD program in Fall 2013, you should plan to complete your remaining requirements in Spring 2013. If summer courses are necessary, they must be taken during the first 6-week session.