Pre-Professional Health Programs

Suggested Timeline for Pre-Medical Students

There are many timelines that offer suggestions for how to spend your time. Please see the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Timeline here

Another great resource is the AAMC guide to Getting into Medical School: AAMC Resources and Services for Pre-Med Students.

Abbreviated Timeline

Freshman Year

  • Maintain a strong GPA.
  • Attend pre-health meetings on campus to get involved.
  • Get to know professors in early biolody and chemistry courses.
  • Explore the medical career through shadowing and volunteering.
  • Develop Plan B options through research.

Sophomore Year

  • Maintain a strong GPA.
  • Pursue meaningful experiences through medically related activities. 
  • Develop relationships with faculty and mentors that could serve as references.

Junior Year

  • Maintain a strong GPA. 
  • Consider who you will ask for letters of referece and schedule meetings to ask them. 
  • Write your personal statement and essays and have at least three people review and help edit.
  • Plan a timeline/study schedule for MCAT and sign up for a test date early in the spring semester or summer directly following Junior year.
  • Familiarize yourself with AMCAS and AACOAMS application sites. 
  • Research medical schools and complete applications over the summer.

Senior Year

  • Maintain a strong GPA. 
  • Continue meaningful experience related to the field.
  • Complete secondary applications in a timely manner.
  • Prepare for interviews.
  • Make final decisions on plans for medical school or actively seek out Plan B/Gap Year options.