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Prerequisites Table
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Pursuing Pre-Pharmacy Courses vs. Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree

Prerequisites Table

The table below indicates the courses required by NEOMED. The left-hand column lists the requirement as stated by NEOMED, and the right-hand column lists the CSU courses that will meet the stated requirement. Please note that completion of the prerequisites is not equivalent to the completion of a degree (see Pursuing Pre-Pharmacy Courses vs. Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree below)

Please see the printable prerequisites table for the most up to date information.


Pursuing Pre-Pharmacy Courses vs. Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree

Students should be aware that pursuing the pre-pharmacy coursework does not lead to a bachelor’s degree, as students who have “Pre-Pharmacy” listed as their only major are not considered to be in a degree-granting program.   NEOMED does not require the completion of a Bachelor’s degree, and requires only that the appropriate prerequisite undergraduate courses be taken in order to be eligible to apply to the PharmD program. 

Cleveland State students are encouraged to complete NEOMED’s prerequisite courses en route to a Bachelor’s degree (typically in BiologyChemistry, or Pharmaceutical Sciences).  Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree is recommended as it provides alternatives to students who decide not to pursue pharmacy as a career or are unable to gain acceptance into the PharmD program.  Students who intend to pursue a degree must be aware of the additional general education requirements and major requirements outlined by Cleveland State in addition to the prerequisites required by NEOMED.  Typically, students who are pursuing both the prerequisite courses required by NEOMED as well as a degree from Cleveland State will have two majors listed on their academic record (for example: “Pre-Pharmacy” and “Chemistry”). 

Many Pre-Pharmacy students follow a “Plan A/Plan B” scenario.  “Plan A” focuses on completing the Pre-Pharmacy coursework first, and applying to NEOMED as soon as they are eligible.  In the event that they are not accepted into the PharmD program, students move to “Plan B”, which utilizes an additional year (or more) of study to complete a Bachelor’s degree.  Students are eligible to reapply to NEOMED, and/or other pharmacy schools, and reapplying with additional coursework or a completed Bachelor’s degree may make students more competitive in the application process.  For information about other pharmacy schools, see Pharmacy School Admission Requirements.

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