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Honors Program

While getting a bachelor's degree, consider the advantages of the Honors Program at Cleveland State University. The program is designed to be more rigorous, thus preparing a preprofessional student with the academic skills needed for medical school. Also, graduating with a bachelor's degree in the honors program provides a better edge in the competitive medical school application process. For more information, visit Honors Program.

In addition to Cleveland State's Honors Program be sure to inquire about departmental honors programs sponsored by each academic major department. Most departmental honors programs have a research component that provides additional beneficial experiences and opportunities.


Meaningful research opportunities are plentiful for Cleveland State pre-professional students.  Student researchers thrive in lab and field.  Students conduct groundbreaking research alongside professors who hold prestigious awards.  The Cleveland State’s summer research program, Engaged Learning, encourages undergraduate students to investigate new ideas that serve as the foundation for future endeavors.

Unless applying to an MD/Ph.D program, having experience with scientific research is not required. However, in order to make your application stand out and be competitive, it is highly recommended to get as much experience with research as possible. A great place to start is to approach your science faculty and explore available research opportunities with them. Enrolling in "REEL LAB" offered by the Chemistry Department is a great way not only to have a poster presentation at the end of the semester but also applying classroom knowledge in a lab setting. Visit the Chemistry department for more information. Each science department offers independent studies under the guidance of outstanding faculty members who can enhance your science knowledge further.

For up-to-date Cleveland State research activities, visit the Research website.

WebGURU is a great resource on external research opportunities and tips for getting started in undergraduate research. 


Service and Leadership Opportunities

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
Pre-Medicine students will benefit from the activities and support of American Medical Students Association, AMSA, which meets twice a month.  They organize service projects, social events, visits from medical school admission representatives, volunteer opportunities, national conference activities and more.  Their page has announcements about opportunities for pre-medicine students.

Shadowing and Volunteering
A doctor's job involves more than just patient interaction and treatment. Before considering medical school or while preparing to apply, shadowing a physician can provide a wealth of knowledge about the profession and help solidify your decision to go to medical school. Shadowing physicians may enable you to build a good relationship with a professional in the field who could provide you with a recommendation letter. It is advisable to shadow physicians not only in your area of interest but also other disciplines of medicine. There are many healthcare organizations in the Cleveland area, some are just a bus ride from campus.  To get started consult Information for Cleveland Area Hospital Volunteer Programs.

Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program in Bioscience and Healthcare Choose Ohio First Scholars engage in research, internships and entrepreneurial experiences in Northeast Ohio’s growing health science and biomedical community. In addition, the program will offers networking opportunities with peers, mentors and employers. Click on the link for more information.

Cleveland State University Student Organizations A wonderful way to enhance your undergraduate experience is to join a student organization. Through your involvement you can have fun, learn new things and develop the leadership skills that medical schools seek. Click on the link for more information.

International Programs

Cleveland State pre-professional students can immerse themselves in another culture, and even in an international health program, by studying, interning or volunteering abroad. The Center for International Services and Programs at Cleveland State facilitates many opportunities. A host of other not-for-profit organizations can match pre-professional students with career-related placements. Pre-professional students are cautioned when considering coursework taken abroad.  Many professional schools will not accept prerequisite coursework taken abroad.  Talk to your Education Abroad or Pre-professional advisors to learn more.

engaged learning
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