Pre-Professional Health Programs

Pre-Professional Health Programs

Welcome to Pre-Professional Health Programs at Cleveland State University!

Information regarding Pre-Professional Health Programs at Cleveland State, coordinated by the College of Sciences and Health Professions, are detailed in this website.  This website is designed to help Cleveland State students, prospective students, and guests learn more about pre-professional education here at Cleveland State.

Pre-Professional Health Programs Mission: Pre-Professional Health Programs serves all students, prospective through alumni and post baccalaureate, seeking entry into Professional Schools by providing resources, application assistance, mock interviews , and by supporting individual student goals.

Pre-professional programs are not directly linked to a particular major, but rather are designed for students majoring in any discipline or returning to school after having already completed a degree. Successful preparation depends upon timely academic advising, an effective strategy for choosing appropriate courses and experiential learning activities.  We hope the information in this site will guide and enhance your Cleveland State undergraduate or post-baccalaureate experience as you prepare for further study in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry or veterinary medicine.

Spring/Summer 2016 Pre-Professional Health Programs Calendar of Events: Click Here!

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