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Workshop Description
Building a Pre-Professional Resume Through Experiences

How to craft your time at CSU and what to add to your resume when you can’t possibly do it all! (recommended for Freshman, Sophomore, and new post-baccalaureate students)

Creating a Competitive Application Learn about all pieces of the application process from transcripts, personal statements, to letters of reference (recommended for Junior, Senior, post-baccalaureate students)
Creating a Personal Statement Learn how to craft a personal statement, errors to watch out for, how to get started and how to find the right reviewers (recommended for Junior, Senior, post-baccalaureate students)
Creating a Plan B Strategies for the creation of a plan B, career assessment, resources and tools (recommended for ALL pre-professional students)
Interview Success

Learn about interview types, examples of questions, how to strategize to succeed in your professional school interview from basics through what will set you apart from others (recommended for Junior, Senior, post-baccalaureate students)

Planning for a Gap Year Learn about reasons for taking a gap year, weighing pro’s and con’s, planning for a gap year, and how the application cycle changes if you incorporate a gap year (recommended for ALL pre-professional students)
Professional School Planning for Post Baccalaureate Students

Review of Pre-Professional Health Programs services offered, advice for utilizing PB time wisely based on individual needs, how to use experiences in PB program to become a more competitive applicant (recommended for Post Baccalaureate students)

Resume Writing for Pre-Professional Students Resume writing basics, how to categorize pre-professional experiences and tailor your resume to suit your needs (recommended for ALL pre-professional students)