Pre-Professional Health Programs

Enhancing Diversity in Professional Healthcare

The cultural and educational backgrounds of practicing physicians and dentists, and professional school applicants does not mirror that of the nation. Healthcare organizations, government, and medical schools seek to change that.  Professional schools seek qualified applicants from underrepresented minorities.  Special programs and scholarships are available to encourage diversification of the health professions. Each profession has their own initiatives, but a good way to learn more about these resources can be found at Aspiring Docs.

The Cleveland State University McNair Scholar Program seeks to prepare talented and eligible undergraduates for doctoral studies through involvement in research, seminars, advising, preparation for the Graduate Record Examination, and other intensive scholarly activities. Students who participate in the program come from disadvantaged backgrounds, and show strong academic potential in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) disciplines  Click on the link to learn more about program eligibility and program benefits.