Pre-Professional Health Programs

Academic Coursework

The course requirements for veterinary school vary by school, so it is highly recommended that a student make an appointment with the Pre-veterinary advisor prior to enrolling in any prerequisites for veterinary school.   A pre-professional advisor will review your plans, your progress and discuss future courses of action.  Contact Cheryl Laubacher, Coordinator of Pre-Professional Medical Programs  with questions or to schedule an advising appointment, 216.687.9321.

Cleveland State Undergraduate courses

  • BIO 200/201 Intro to Biology I with lab
  • BIO 202/203 Intro to Biology II with lab
  • BIO 310/311 Genetics with recitation
  • BIO 416/417 Microbiology with lab
  • CHM 261/266 General Chemistry I with lab
  • CHM 262/267 General Chemistry II with lab
  • CHM 331/336 Organic Chemistry I with lab
  • CHM 332/337 Organic Chemistry II with lab
  • PHY 221 College Physics I with lab OR check with advisor for  Honors’ or other appropriate Physics sequences

Recommended by some schools

  • BIO 266/267 Human Anatomy and Physiology I with lab
  • BIO 268/269 Human Anatomy and Physiology II with lab
  • BIO 306 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

For detailed descriptions of these and other courses, refer to the Cleveland State University Undergraduate Catalog.

For specific information about individual veterinary school course prerequisites, consult one of the schools listed at United States Veterinary Medical Schools and Colleges.