Mathematics Professor Awarded for Outstanding Teaching

Posted on November 3, 2008

Dr. Keith Kendig, Professor

Dr. Keith Kendig, a Mathematics professor, was honored as the recipient of the College of Science 2008 Jearl Walker Outstanding Teaching Award.

Dr. Kendig earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree with honors in 1960, a Master’s of Arts in 1962, and a Ph.D. in 1965, all in Mathematics from the University of California, Los Angeles. He also served as a Research Assistant in Mathematics at the same institution. Since 1971, Dr. Kendig has been a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics here at Cleveland State University where he now holds the position of Professor. 

During his 30+ years at CSU, Dr. Kendig has been the recipient of many awards. He has received the Senior Scholar-Class I Award in both 1980 and 1982; a NSF grant “Integrating Instructional Computing into Differential Equations Courses” in 1995; the CSU Teaching Enhancement Award in 1997 for “Geometry at CSU: Instruction and Recruiting”; the Lester R. Ford Prize of the Mathematical Association of America for an article entitled, “Is a 2000 year old Formula Still Keeping Some Secrets?”; and in 2003 the CSU Merit Recognition Award. Keith has re-invigorated the field of mathematics through his numerous publications and remains passionate about his students understanding the tools and concepts of math. He is also a member of the Editorial Board of The Spectrum Book Series of The Mathematical Association of America and the Associate Editor of Mathematics Magazine, a journal published by The Mathematical Association of America. 

Keith was a pioneer in his field advocating group learning through discussion when other teachers were instructing by lecture only. His dedication to his students and the teaching field is evident by the way he instills students with a mathematical way of thinking rather than just having them memorize theorems and with his supervision of MA and MS exit projects. He encourages professors to engage students in their research, prepares our students for careers, and encourages high school teachers to introduce innovative methods into their classrooms. He is an inspiration to the students he teaches and has influenced many.

To quote some of Keith’s past students:

  • “His passion for math and science was evident with each and every class and therefore made the two disciplines come alive.”- current high school math teacher
  • “Not only does he include all students in the daily discussions, but, in addition, he also has a wonderful way to use technology to demonstrate the beauty of mathematical ideas.” – current high school math teacher
  • “Dr. Kendig pushed me to want my kids to learn for themselves instead of just shoveling the same curriculum down their throats year after year.”- current high school algebra teacher
  • “…not only is Dr. Kendig a brilliant mathematician but he was able to present the material in a way where the students could grasp the concepts.” – current MA student
  • One of Dr. Kendig’s workshop attendees (Mathematics Assistant Professor at LCC) notes, “It is actually beautiful to take the traditional equations of conic sections and allow the variables to be complex, as this unifies many of the topics taught to upper level high school students, while also giving them a snapshot of a four-dimensional surface.”
  • From the Editorial Director of MAA Books which published Dr. Kendig’s book Conics, Donald J. Albers writes, “…there is little doubt that he is teaching thousands of faculty and their students by virtue of his wonderful exposition.”

The College of Science faculty, staff and students are proud to recognize the enthusiasm and devotion of Dr. Keith Kendig as the 2008 recipient of the Jearl Walker Outstanding Teaching Award.

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