Rooftop Garden Championed by Science Students

Posted on November 3, 2008

CSU's Roof Top Garden Project for the Recreation Center is an old vision we are bringing to life!  The LEED-certified Recreation Center was built a few years ago with the intention of having a 7,000 sq ft Green Roof.  The project ran out of financial resources after the roof was built ready for a roof top garden to be installed.  Learning this last fall in an environmental science class, we knew the project had to be completed!

Green Roofs add decades of life to buildings/roofs, filter pollutants from storm water (which benefits the entire city and Lake Erie), adds aesthetic value to the building, creates a place to become ENGAGED in learning, a place to host functions or classes, and  reduces the cost of heating and cooling by tremendous percentages!

We are very excited to already have designed new blueprints for the roof including wheelchair access, experimental plots for the science department, solar lighting and space for physical education classes to take place or for students to study.

Our goal is $206,000 by December of this year...we already have $10,000 of the $216,000 we need to complete the project! Mayor Frank Jackson, Councilman Joe Cimperman, Councilwoman Nina Turner and many other important figures in the City of Cleveland are very excited and supportive about this project, so we look forward to the school becoming more involved as CSU is Going Green!

100% tax deductible donations can be dropped off at Mather Mansion on Campus or mailed to:
Cleveland State University
Mather Mansion, #209
2121 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115
Checks are payable to: Cleveland State University Foundation, memo Millennium Code 2164

For questions regarding gift giving or green roof details, contact:

Erin Huber
Roof Top Garden Project Coordinator
Vice President of the Student Environmental Movement

LeeAnn Westfall

**General Rooftop inquiries: