PSY Graduate Student Attends President Obama's Forum

Posted on March 1, 2011
Jessica Newell, PSY Graduate Student

Experimental Psychology masters student Jessica Newell shares her perspective on the recent small business forum hosted by President Obama.

"On Tuesday, February 22, I had the great honor of attending President Obama’s “Winning the Future” small business forum. Watching President Obama on the television or hearing his speeches over NPR are one thing, but seeing him in person, 6 rows back is another. He is an incredible speaker, demonstrating such eloquence and poise. Although this is his third time visiting Cleveland State University, after meeting people from around the world, he still shows his personal interest in our city by calling out local business owners by name referring to specific issues of triumphs and failures.

"When I was first invited to attend the speech on behalf of the College of Sciences and Health Professions, I knew it was an honor, but it wasn’t until the glaring lights lit up the stage, the press became respectively silent and the words “Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States” hit my ears, that I realized what a true moment it really was.

"President Obama discussed the importance of educating our youth and the importance of inspiring young individuals to become motivated by innovation. He described it as a race to educate our children. In his State of the Union address, he stated the importance of family and teachers that should be instilling a sense of pride in our schools, so much that “the winner of the science fair would be equally praised as the winner of the super bowl”. This becomes more of a reality through the words he spoke during his trip to CSU as he discussed backing up Universities in innovation and research grants. As an experimental research master’s student, colleagues and professors alike know the great importance of having this funding in order to conduct research as it expands our sciences so we can have our due ‘Sputnik moment’.

"I find myself to be a rather motivated individual as is, yet listening to President Obama’s ideas on innovation, his encouragement and his efforts to create a strong, lucrative, foundation was beyond inspiring. Currently I am a reading a book entitled “Bounce” which demonstrates that with will power, serious dedication (10,000 hours), one can become a master at anything. President Obama takes the words of Matthew Syed (author of Bounce) and enables us to make them a reality by creating a nation of unity and opportunity."