Physics Students Awarded

Posted on March 7, 2011

The CSU chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) has recently been recognized with two national awards-- the SPS 2010 Outstanding Chapter Award and the Marsh W. White Award with a $300 grant for outreach.

CSU's SPS was one of only three chapters in Zone 7 (Zone 7 has 74 chapters total and encompasses Lower Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and parts of Pennsylvania) to receive the SPS Outstanding Chapter Award.

Our award came with the following comment by the Zone 7 Councilor: "Cleveland State University has put together an excellent series of on-campus talks by students, alumni, and other guests, of particular noteworthiness in a commuter culture. They sent several students to present research at diverse national meetings, showing a commendable commitment to fostering a sense of professional connections."

SPS officers w/ faculty advisor Dr. Streletzky

The Marsh W. White Awards are granted "to support projects designed to promote interest in physics among students and the general public." Chris Mentrek, Krista Freeman, Michael Hardin and Jim Pitchford worked with SPS faculty advisor Dr. Kiril Streletzky to design a new outreach program, write a proposal, and submit an application for the grant. We were award the maximum prize of $300 and have started our outreach efforts at the Campus International School. The outreach program is a series of interactive lessons on waves. Each month (from January to June 2011) we will go to Campus International School and spend about an hour with the students in after-school care, teaching in a fun and memorable way topics such as mechanical waves, sound, and light. Each lesson is designed to be hands-on and include a small take-home item for each student.

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-Krista Freeman