Chemistry Exhibit at The 2008 Ingenuity Festival

Posted on August 1, 2008

At the 2008 Cleveland Ingenuity Festival, the Department of Chemistry from Cleveland State University presented The Magic of Chemistry. Activities and demonstrations enlightened and entertained both young and old. Children had fun making bouncing balls, colorful fish and butterflies, invisible messages, glitter slime, and decorative stained glass glue; activities that included polymerization reactions, acid-base indicators, and paper chromatography.

Drs. Jerry Mundell and Anne O’Connor both entertained and engaged the audience in the principles of chemical and physical properties, minuteness of atoms, properties of gases, and sublimation of solids through entertaining demonstrations that included colorful chemical reactions, volumetric flask bubble factories, collapsing cans under atmospheric pressure, and soda pop geysers. The demonstrations ended with delicious liquid nitrogen strawberry ice-cream instantly served up to an appreciative audience.

A smashing good time was had by all!!!!!

-Dr. Jerry Mundell, Chemistry

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