Our History

**PLEASE NOTE: EPIC/PEP has lost its funding. We are referring all tutoring needs to the math testing/tutoring center. Contact Jason Stone at 216.687.4701 for more info.
EPIC/PEP (Enrichment Program in Calculus/Pre-Calculus Enrichment Program) was a program begun in 1988 by professors Bhushan Wadhwa and Woody Silliman in the Cleveland State University mathematics department, and supported by the Office of Minority Affairs.  It was a method to enhance student learning through encouragement of study group formation among students.  African-American and Hispanic-American undergraduate upper class students were recruited to lead study groups for the pre-Calculus and first year Calculus courses. 

Minority students in the Honors Program especially were invited to participate.  Based on research by Uri Treisman from the University of California at Berkeley, this supplemental instruction by a peer of the students was shown to help minority underclassmen increase their understanding and mastery of the subject material and thus increase their likelihood to persist in the program.

 The groups were originally housed in the Chester Building; later moved to Stillwell Hall, and currently are located on the 4th floor of the University library.  The space includes a blackboard, tables with white boards, and resource textbooks.  The group leaders are instructed in how to organize, promote, and lead group study and to provide tutoring as necessary. 

As part of their responsibility, these group leaders attend one of several pre-Calculus or Calculus classes on a weekly basis.  Visiting the courses allows them to see what specific concepts their study group members are learning; familiarize them with the teaching style of the professor; and refresh their own knowledge of concepts they may not have encountered in a while.  The students are hired, trained, and monitored by a professor in the mathematics department.